FolderHighlight 2.4

FolderHighlight can change the colors of your file folders for easy management
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FolderHighlight, as the name says, enables you to highlight any of your folders using different colors for easy recognition. Almost all computer users have some kind of private data that they do not like to share with others, and maybe some parents may not allow their children to access their office files and folders when sharing a single PC at home. FolderHightlight provides a very neat and simple solution for such users - it can change the color of a folder icon, helping other users to know that the folder has some private data and should not be played with.

Unlike most programs, it does not change the icons or the shapes of the folders, because colors are always easier to recognize than shapes. Even a child can see that a folder is red, blue or green, and that it should not be opened. The program can also help professionals in managing their data in a better way using multicolor folders.

The program integrates itself into Window’s context menu, and enables you to change the color of any folder just by right-clicking on it. The best thing is that your colorful folders will not loose their colors when shared among multiple computers using USB drives or CDs, and will retain their colors even when the new PC does not have FolderHightlight installed in it.

Shortly, the program provides a perfect solution for finding your data quickly and efficiently, both for professions and for all those who do not like to waste their time in searching for a required folder in long folder trees.

jasminder singh
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