FolderHighlight 2.8

Changes the colors of the folders' icons in Windows
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FolderHighlight is a small, simple and effective tool that lets you customize the icons of your directories by changing their colors. So if you're rather tired of the ubiquitous yellow folders available in all editions of Windows, you can give this tool a try and change their colors as you like. This will also help easier distinguish among folders, as now you can assign different colors to any of them.

FolderHighlight doesn't let you customize the icons of the folders in any other way than by changing their colors. So, when customized using FolderHighlight, the folders will not have different symbols, sizes, or other icons than the typical Windows ones for folders - only their colors will be changed.

FolderHighlight is very simple to use as it integrates into the Windows Explorer context menu (the right-click menu). By right-clicking any folder in Windows Explorer and selecting the FolderHighlight entry, you can quickly choose a different color for the icon of that folder. It doesn't have a typical interface but it's also really straightforward and easy to use. It also lacks any other additional options or secondary features besides the ability to assign or change the “infotip” (the small text tooltip) displayed when hovering the mouse over a folder.

In conclusion, FolderHighlight is a neat and handy tool that offers a convenient solution to quickly change the colors of your folders' icons.

Margie Smeer
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  • Also lets you assign or change a folder's infotip
  • Integrates with the Windows Explorer context menu
  • Straightforward and intuitive


  • Lacks any advanced settings
  • Cannot customize other aspects of the folders' icons besides their colors
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